What is more important to you when you buy?

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I am one of those who love online shopping or mall shopping but for you when you buy something, what is most important to you: price, quality, fashion trend, status/image?


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    I do love online shopping especially now pandemic and I am attracted to the quality and image of the product in the catalog.

  • It's a price/feature ratio for me,

    like the FORZA Bunde on the site and the CSL Bundle.

    Or www.worktime.com software e.t.c.

  • Reputation quality and how a company deals with issues when thing go wrong. I will stop shopping immediately when things are overly difficult to figure out on a website- I work in Silicon Valley and have helped start several big tech companies and a garbage site is a pet peeve.

    I also look at their security - I run large global cybercrime investigation teams and I have seen too much damage done to working folks due to sites with lax security. While obviously I don't know the back end systems Fanatec uses but I like that I have to log in to do just about anything and it times out so if I leave site and come back later I have to log in again and they have good password standards. I would hope a company that has good front end measures that most marketing teams would consider bad for business (re-logging in) probably has a CISO that insists on proper security. Our current CISO assumes that we will be hacked at any given moment and his lack of hubris is comforting for a multi billion dollar multinational company. Especially since we are constantly seeing nation state actions from various sanctioned countries. They often look the other way when their teams steal a bit on the side especially if they come up with good exploits in the process.

  • Before this pandemic I'm not rely on online shopping because of my worst experiences with online shopping in past, But during this pandemic I don't have any choices so I start online shopping again but this time I'm noticing few things before placing my order like customer reviews, real picture of the product and of course comparing price, I recently purchased office chair and desk for my home office from Qwork Office coupons and experience was good with them.

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