[Resolved] Issues with Magnetic Paddle Module w/Universal Hub for XB1

Johan NittersJohan Nitters Member
edited October 2020 in Fanatec Other

Hello - I recently installed the magnetic paddle module on my Universal Hub for XB1. Got everything buttoned back up and went to try it on ACC and GTS. The Paddles dont seem to register. I disassembled everything and made sure the 6 pin connectors were solidly seated. Even disconnected them and reconnected them. Got the wheel back on my CSL Elite wheel base, and nothing. Neither the left or the right paddle shifters are recognized.

Because these paddles use different connectors within the Universal Hub, is there something I have to change in in software to get it to recognize this? As far as I could tell from the few YouTube videos i've watched, it should b pretty much plug and play.


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