FH4 and FM7 - no feedback at all on my CSW 2.5. PC, used to work fine, now nothing??

I haven't played either for ages but recently downloaded them to use again and while the turning is working and the pedals, there is 0 feel on the wheel of vibration, resistance, feedback - it's like turning it while it's powered off. I have seen a few things about ports etc but can't find anything definitive that has helped. Come on community - someone has the answer!!!! Much appreciated! Every other game I play works perfectly so I can't see this is a hardware or firmware issue


  • Same here

  • I send my csl back and this friday i get it back bit i get hew base! But work fine just one day. I dont know what to say anymore

  • I'm also experiencing the same issue on PC. Both FM7 and FH4 worked fine before on PC. I'm using the CSL Elite 1.1 wheelbase and two pedal set.

    It's also worth noting that FM7 on the Xbox doesn't use my shift paddles properly and hasn't since I got the wheel. On PC it's fine but on XboneX my paddle shifter acts as a handbrake. It makes the game unplayable for me.

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