Purchase from you is so difficult...

well since i had no lucky trying to purchase myself i try with a Courier Company that make purchase online all the time from USA or around the world and had a address on USA and they even use a US Credit Card, Amex, and still they were not able to make it happen getting same errors.

Understand the high demand that you guys had at this moment but something is happening with your checkout process and we are not able to complete the purchase.

The company is Aeropost that is an American Company that had a location here on Panama.


  • You might want to hold off, I just got my csl elite with the Xbox p1 steering wheel , the wheel is now discontinued and it won’t work properly, I downloaded the latest drivers and it just errors a 8 on the wheel and spins back and forth indefinitely. Very disappointed with the product and more so with not being able to contact someone to help with it, you have to call at1:30 am due to the company being in Germany. Worst 850 dollars I have ever spent. I should have gone with the thrustmaster! I’m just hoping they don’t try to pull some crap and not refund me, or give me the run around. I have only had this thing for 2 days, I even ordered their pedals next day to make sure it wasn’t a conflict issue. tried forums and YouTube, nothing. Definitely not German quality like festools I’m used to.

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