[RESOLVED] I don't want Japanese people to buy it

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When I try to buy it at PAYPAL, it says "Unable to instantiate the payment screen.".

When I asked support, he replied, "We apologize but we don't have influance on the bank."

Does it mean that Japanese people should buy a with a high Amazon?


  • After changing my email address and re-registering, I was able to purchase at PAYPAL.


  • It's not your fault , my friend , they just consider themselves better than everyone else and sometimes do staff like that... One Japanese client is not important to them , what is important is the image of the company and that is maintained by very well rewarded YouTubers and reviewers , who are making everyone believe that this is a professional , responsible and serious company . Upon reading and coming across confessions much worst than yours , from people who interacted with Fanatec , combining it to my own experience , I must say... that could not be further from the truth . These people sre condescending , they don't care for their customers , do not admit their mistakes and are always backed up by an army of ignorants.

  • lol at comment above


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