APM on R300 wheel

I got my CSL Elite base yesterday with the R300 wheel with podium hub and advanced paddle module. Got everything hooked up and I love it. Only thing I am struggling with is trying to get my analog paddles to function as throttle/brake as I'm unable to use pedals? There is no option in my Fanatec control panel and when I installed FanaLab the APM isn't recognized?



  • Its in the Tuning Menu, setting is called "[AP]" in the driver and FanaLab Tuning Menu.

  • All options in the driver control panel are greyed out and I don't see anything.

  • Ah wait, you have the old CSL Elite v1 or the v1.1 (so not the PS4 CSL Elite Base)?

    Then you are screwed. That one indeed does not support the Tuning Menu and the Podium Hub doesnt have a display and buttons so you literally can not change anything in the Tuning Menu.

  • Yeah just got the CSL Elite v1.1 that would have been great to know ahead of time. Thanks for straightening that out for me.

  • Its mentioned in the webshop description of the Podium Hub:

    • CSL Elite Wheel Base V1, V1.1 and ClubSport Wheel Base V2:  Control of Tuning Menu not possible
    • The ClubSport Wheel Base V2, CSL Elite Wheel Base V1, and CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1 are compatible with the Podium Hub but do not allow Tuning Menu access via the Fanatec software. The Tuning Menu must be accessed via a suitable display/button module connected to the Podium Hub or by attaching a different steering wheel to the wheel base.

  • Ah ok I missed that my fault. Thanks.

  • So I've been in contact with customer support (who have been great and very responsive) on returning my current unit to upgrade a unit that is tuneable. My question is it seems that even the CSL Elite PS4 version is not compatible with Tuning Menu either? Would I be better off/able to just keep my current setup and add the PBME and be able to tune through the wheel that way? Thanks.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Darren,

    The PS4 version of the CSL Elite base (the 'Wheel Base +') has a different PCB that allows the active communication for Tuning Menu adjustments via the Fanatec driver or FanaLab software. That is the only difference between the WB+ and your V1.1 base (aside from PlayStation support). Normally this doesn't make too much difference, as most people prefer to adjust the Tuning Menu through their steering wheel. But you are using the Podium Hub, which is the only 'steering wheel' in our range that doesn't have Tuning Menu access built in.

    There are a few options:

    • Add the Podium Button Module Endurance to your existing configuration, then your wheel will have direct Tuning Menu access.
    • Change the Podium Hub to a ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox One (this also supports the P APM). The Universal Hub has built-in Tuning Menu access.
    • Change to a Wheel Base +, allowing you to adjust the Tuning Menu in the driver or FanaLab
    • Change to a completely different steering wheel that has built-in Tuning Menu access.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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