I've got already two of the old ones that are quite thin, specially the GT style is very bendy.

I wonder if I can replace the paddles with the new 3 mm thick ones. Is there any price just for them? Or in case one of mine snap, is there an option or do I have to look for after market ones?

Is not very fair to fix the mistake and not to support the previous customers who got the 2mm ones.


  • They are not for sale and you could one get them as replacement parts if the 2mm ones broke.

  • So I have to break old ones deliberately to get better ones? Kinda stupid, I would be willing to buy 3mm replacement ones for my APM, those original 2mm's are flimsy as hell and they make me angry every time when I use them.

    And then there is that stupidity with simpler magnetic shifter paddles that fanarec doesn't make 6 to 2pin adapter, so ppl hava to buy those parts from other companies.m maybe F has too much money?

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