APM shifting problem on lower gears

When I click/pull paddle on lower gears gearbox doesnt always change a gear. For example I reduce from 7th to 1st - very often beetwen 2nd and 1st gear there is no reaction on pulling paddle. It's necessary to pull padle again. The same situation is between 2nd and 3th- think this is related with fast shifting on lower gears. In my opinion something has worn out in APM becouse I have never seen this problem earlier. This problem appeared a few weeks ago. I have DD2 and clubsport steering wheel r300.  I play F1 2020. I will check it in another games and I will try to check upper paddles and standard steering wheel paddles. 


  • Also check if it's not the down shift protection that a lot of games/cars have.

    This prevents down shifts if the motor rpm is still to high, to not blow the motor.

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    What is I told you that I am facing exactly the same issue, in my real race car (running sequential gearbox with paddles) while downshifting from 5th to 2nd. 😉

    These things have a brain for their selves to avoid expensive blowouts. 🤣

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