WRC 9 - sharing my CSL Elite settings

I’ve been messing round with CLS Elite settings on this for months and have finally settled on some that give me good feel, but don’t clip like crazy. My neighbours in the flat below will thank me for that, because this game can make a lot of noise.

Wheel settings:

SEN: 540

FF: 100

DRI: -3

FEI: 50

BLI: 100

SHO: 100

BRF: Your choice ( I use 30)

Game settings:

Wheel angle 540

Overall force 125

SAT 115

Tyre load 100

Self centre 100

Recenter 100

Overall vibration 100

Tyre slip 35

Suspension 35

Ground surface 75

Engine 30

Collision 40

I find these settings give me a lot of feel but a lot less noise than the standard, or the other settings I’ve seen out there. This is all subjective of course, but hopefully these help someone.


  • This settings are on ps4 very good, but on ps5 the same settings are very strange /heavy...

    Can anyone recommend settings for csl elite wheel for ps5?

    Thanks a lot

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