NFS Heat + DD1?

Does anyone know if Need For Speed Heat works with the CSW 2.5 or DD1?

I found an article from Jan 2020 that said they added support for the CSL Elite wheelbase, but didn't see any mention of the DD1/CSW.


  • Just a follow up, I hooked up the wheel and it does in fact work!

    NFS heat says it's unsupported and displays a generic image, but I was able to do everything I need.

    The great part is that the funky switch works in the UI, the same way it does in ACC!

  • Hey there, I also own a DD1 and tried launching the game on PC mode and also 2.5 Compatibility mode but nothing seems to be working... apart from the steering, which does indeed work (although it seems to have a big deadzone in the middle).

    Did you do something to make it work?


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