ACC +DD2 soft lock not working

Hi, I have a Fanatec DD2 and Formula V2 steering wheel. I just bought ACC and set everything up with the recommended settings. I filled in 1080° steering lock in Fanalab and also in the game.

My steering wheel turns with a 1:1 ratio to the steering wheel in the game, but there is no soft lock. I can keep turning when the in game car reached it's maximum lock. Also when I spin out or crash into a wall, the wheel keeps spinning until the 1080° lock is reached. This make it really uncomfortable to rejoin the race after spinning out because I have to turn over the F1 wheel by 1.5 turns before I can go again.

I put the steering wheel lock now to 640° (for the Lambo) in Fanalab and the game and this a lot better, but I would prefer to have an automatic soft lock so I don't have to change my settings for every car again.

I'm I doing something wrong? Because I read online that there should be softlock support for Fanatec wheels.


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