Thanks Fanatec

I probably shouldn't post this because I have literally the worst luck but I woke up this AM and got tracking info from Fanatec. I ordered steering wheel, wheel base and LC pedal set I believe on Saturday AM. And it is set to be here tomorrow with regular fed ex ground shipping. I was expecting it next week- since I am sure they were hammered with orders on Black Friday. I had also written in on a CS issue and they got back to me almost immediately. And seeing that they have folks helping on the forum I am really glad I ordered with them.

Sorry to sound like an ad but it seems like folks are always quick to trash a company so I always try to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Fanatec...


  • Same here! I ordered it last Fri (BF) around noon. However I did not receive any tracking info beside the initial "order received". I went to my fanatec account yesterday (Tue) and saw a Fedex tracking number. I received it today (Wed). This is impressive.

  • Apparently I spoke too soon! I knew I shouldn't I literally have the wort luck as I mentioned. It is still shows as pending down in So Cal first the delivery date and tracking showed due to arrive yesterday which was switched today. I just checked because I have to arrange things to be here at home and now it says that the shipper has not yet even delivered it to the shipping facility. Even though it still says due to arrive this afternoon-

    Unless they fly it by helicopter from So Cal. Anyhow, Fed ex says they'll update the shipping once Fanatec gets the the product. I have to say I have been an executive in Silicon Valley for 20 yrs (helped start PayPal as employee #9 and ran PayPal and eBay's global cybercrime investigations) and now run global financial intelligence for a large financial institution and I've never seen a tech site work it so a product shows prompt delivery but hasn't even bothered to get it to the fedex office. Neat trick


    And Michael Lang I will never speak to you again!!! Just kidding- genuinely happy that you got yours

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