Trouble with Series X and Forza (Horizons and Motorsport)

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How did I post this in "News and Announcements" and how can it be moved? Rookie mistake.

I just got my CSL Elite base (PS) and my CSL Elite P1 Wheel (Xbox) today and am having trouble using it on my Series X. It appears that all of the wheel buttons work correctly while in the Xbox menus (d-pad and other buttons), but as soon as I go into Forza 7, none of the buttons work other than the center Xbox button. In Forza Horizon 4 the buttons all work, but the steering wheel doesn't steer. I feel like I am missing something very obvious.

What am I missing about the setup of these? I said "these instructions were written by an engineer" and my girlfriend said "well aren't you an engineer?"! Any help would be appreciated.


  • Having same issue with my set up. CSL Elite w/LC pedals, WRC wheel. Using on Series X. Can use wheel in game to set everything up, and when i go to controllers, it shows a wheel and pedal diagram. But when i start a game, nothing works. Like the wheel and pedals are not even plugged in at all. But then when i play AC it works perfect 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • You have to exit/stop game from main menu and restart game. Controller Must be turned off.

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