no data on Podium Endurance multiscrean

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Hi Everyone,

new here with a new GT3 R wheel I have installed everything on a DD1 base.

Almost everythig is working, the leds on wheel work, the legacy screan with speed works, both screens on DD1 and wheel work for the Set ups....

So it should be fine but when I use the multi screens with " best lap, last lap, speed, gear ...." I have the screen but the datas are not working meaning all datas stay at zero or "--".

Can't find the solution...

If someone can help that would be great



  • You are running an incompatible firmware and Fanalab combination.

    You have to use driver 381 with Fanalab 1.53.

    What are you using?

  • Fantastic, you saved me!!

    yes my driver was not the right one an now it works fine.

    Thanks a lot Maurice!


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