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I ordered a Clubsport bundle on Dec 2 using Paypal for payment. I received a notice from FedEx that they had tracking numbers for me. When I try to track the order FedEx says Fanatec still has the order and has not given the order to them yet but I have a delivery date of 12/12/20. I'm pretty confused about my order, has it shipped or not and if not, why not. Tried calling Fanatec in CA and got routed to customer service and then a message saying leave a message and then a message saying the message box is full and cannot accept any more messages. I had submitted a second order a few days after the first order and nothing on that one.

Getting very concerned about Fanatec, their website indicated all products I ordered were in stock but no official notice from Fanatec and they won't answer the phone.

It's been 7 days since I placed my first order and all I want is confirmation that it is being shipped and a good tracking number.


  • Welcome to the real world.

    They are getting the money the very first second and then eventually you'll get the products.

    When? Who knows, nobody is gonna tell you. One day.

    Well done Fanatec!

  • To follow up, I just recieved a notice from FedEx that they now have my order and can expect delivery on 12/17/20. 8 days after I placed my order it's finally shipped. Now I have to wait and see when my second order will be shipped.

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    I ordered on Dec 31. I didn't expect any activity during the new year holiday, but so far three business days and counting for any signs of life...

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