Raceroom Lags like Crazy

When I make adjustments to my FFB settings in RaceRoom, the sim lags like crazy. The sim is virtually unplayable at this point. Has anyone else experienced this?


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    No issues so far. I am in the middle east and using either Oceania servers or Europe when playing on line. Make sure your in game settings are ok (or to your liking) . Aparently those are very crutial 😉

  • I am referring to lag while in the user interface and in single player race. The lag seems to be associated with changes to FFB (Force FeedBack) settings.

  • Which base are you using?

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    Clubsport v1 wheelbase with the F1 eSports wheel. I picked up the wheelbase used a couple of weeks ago. It is working perfectly for all titles, except Raceroom Experience. In Raceroom Experience-Steam, If I adjust any of the FFB settings, the title lags like crazy. I have been using the Thrustmaster T300 with the Thrustmaster F1 Wheel. Not one issue like this.

    Through Steam thread, I discovered that if I follow this path:

    C:\Users\MyUser\Documents\My Games\SimBin\...

    Delete the folder "RaceRoom Racing Experience Install 2".

    From there, I am able to restart the sim and once again set all my controls, and play the sim with no issues... Just don't touch the FFB settings.

  • Hey man I think I am having the same issue you are having with my setup.

  • Let me know how you are addressing it. My solution, though not the best solution was to follow the following path C:\Users\MyUser\Documents\My Games\SimBin\... and delete the folder "RaceRoom Racing Experience Install 2".

  • Had similar issue with csw 2.5, apparently getting a new motherboard and new processor helped.

    Before the new PC hardware I used driver 346, as the 381 caused lag on all games.

  • The lag issues I am having are on a new i7 PC build, with a new 2080 GPU as well. Drivers are all updated. I simply don't dare change any of the FFB (Force FeedBack) setting in Raceroom Experience. I will wait until the next patch for Raceroom Experience and see what happens.

  • OK... confirmation. For me the temporary solution was to follow the path:

    C:\Users\MyUser\Documents\My Games\SimBin\... and delete the folder "RaceRoom Racing Experience Install 2". Doing forced me to restart the game and re-establish all the game setting; except the in-game FFB settings. If you come up with a better solution, please post.

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