Project cars 2 Csl elite racing wheel ps4.. on PC

Hi all..Upgraded from G25 which worked fine on PC2. The Csl elite comes up in the menu but doesn't work in hte game and can't be calibrated in game either..Firmware is updated and taken all othe rcontrollers software off the system..Just looking for people that have had similar problem and can shed some light on it..many thanks


  • Ran into a similar problem.

    If you have Project Cars installed on PC through Steam, you have to open up the game's propertis from the Steam client and uncheck the setting in the menu for the controllers.

    I don't have my gaming rig on at the moment so I can't say what the exact setting is, but basically Steam completely fumbles the Fanatec controls and you can't use the default controller settings for the Fanatec wheel bases. Disable the default controller/gamepad options from the Steam client for Project Cars and then try to setup the controls in the game.

    Once I did that the Fanatec was detected by the game and I simply had to assign the controls from the menu.

  • A missing windowsupdate can be the problem, too.

    Greetz Chris

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