Unable to reset my account

My forum info is the same as the website yet I am unable to log into the webshop.

When attempting a reset of my account info Fanatec does not send the confirmation email.

And it is jot in my spam folder.

How does an individual customer make a warranty claim if they are unable to properly file a warranty claim?

I have purchased in 2020 the Csl elite+ and the Lc pedals

The forza bundle

The esports rim

The 2020 limited edition wheel.

The Dd2 2 damper kits 1 bpkit

The bmw wheel

The Podium Porsche wheel.

You mean to tell me the system is so flawed that I am unable to claim warranty if I need to or are you guys just away for the holidays and thats why its not working?


  • Did you select the correct region when trying to log in? Credentials doesn't work across different regions.

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