Faulty csl elite base , or wheel rim or clubsport v3 pedals

new and boxed from fanatec csl elite bundle with clubsport v3 pedals came last week, after making sure my windows 10 drivers is all up to date, I updated all the fanatec good, latest drivers and firmware... in game ( gt sport ) after every 8.5 minutes the wheel stops controlling the car and the gas goes to full revs. The only thing that works on the fanatec base unit and wheel rim is the mode button, I press it to PC mode (red light) then press it again to PS mode ( blue light ) then press the pS button on wheel rim and I’m playing again... till another 8.5 minutes...

even if I just leave the wheel and pedals alone after this time the same thing happens... has anyone else experienced this fault? Can anyone help out or do I send it all back to Fanatec ??? I’m so gutted as this equipment costs so much and I love racing games.

ive already deleted all fanatec software, firmware, drivers from the pc and fanatecs products and reinstalled them. Exactly the same fault reappeared....


  • Are you sure it’s not the PS4 that’s timing out due to controller inactivity? Like a power save mode.

  • I would suggest you try another racing game that supports the wheel to make sure it's not the game itself. Have my own problems with the CSL Elite: steering is too notchy.

  • i have looked into this and set the playstaion not to time out ever.

    but thank you austen.

  • even when NO game is running and just in the playstations main menu, all controls seem to loose connection after 8.5 minutes every time...

    note.... when it appears i have lost all controls and communication, when i pull the usb cable out from the playstation i hear the noise that indicates USB is taken out

  • a lot of my friends (we all got into during lockdown) who all have £200 old set ups are looking to upgrade, im the first one to take the bullet. not sure they like what is going on with my brand new (expensive over 1000) purchase.

  • I have the same problem with a v2.5 wheelbase when playing xBox it switches to PC mode mid game and I lose all control of the car.

    Have you had a response from Fanatec? My equipment is 1 month old and I'm very disappointing, Fanatec don't seem to care about looking into it and supporting.

  • hi Rob

    No i have not had a response as yet, they are very quick to take the money from our accounts though.

    If they contact me i will tell you what they advise, i dont really want to send my unit back to them and get the same one back, i want brand new and in working order, not a second, or a fixed,. otherwise i would have bought second hand..

    if you send your unit back take note of the serial number and tell them i dont want this unit to be sent back.

    im thinking of just getting my money back to tell you the truth...

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