Project CARS 2 (PS4) fanatec ffb settings podium f1 wheel

PC driver> 361. (or 356)

Wheel base firmware> 672.

Wheel base motor firm ware> 38.

Steering wheel firmware> 28.


Hello people,

I want to share my Project cars 2 (ps4) ffb settings for the podium dd f1.

this racing game is lying on the shelf for a copal of years because of the difficult FFB.

I didn't get a hang of it and raced other racing games.

when I saw the game, I taught I’m gone try it one more time and I think that I have reached a good overall ffb.

hope you guys like it and if it needs more improvement, I hope to hear from you so we can make the adjustments.


My settings are:

In game:

Flavour> Immersive. (I like immersive because it gives you more overall detail.)

Gain> 28. (the FFB from the podium is at 100)

Volume> 50.

Tone> 50.

Fx> 90/100.


Podium DD F1:

SEN> Auto.

FFB> 100.

LIN> Off.

NDP> 4.

NFR> Off.


INT> 2. (because of the low FEI setting you can go 2 or 3. 1 give you noise.)

FEI> 40. (higher than 40 gives you noise and it is to power full.)







Thank you if you are going to try these settings.

I hope that you give me your opinion after trying them out.





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