Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake

I did contact Fanatec customer services just to make them aware of my concern, they replied with contacting technical services to raise a ticket with serial no and issue. I don't want to raise a ticket with the technical department I just want to make you aware of a safety concern.

I bought the Clubsport Bundle and very happy with it, all good quality stuff.


Come on Fanatec the sharp edges on the Handbrake are unacceptable, I am guessing the lever arm is laser cut because the edges are so clean and sharp.

If you attach the handbrake to the side of the shifter body, when you go into either reverse or 7th gear your hand comes into contact with the handbrake lever and it's pretty sharp.

I took my lever off and put a chamfer on it using a file, its much better now, no risk of any cuts to my hands.

Fanatac? I can only ask for you to consider putting a chamfer on the outside edges of the lever arm to improve the Quality of the Handbrake to match the rest of your products.

I have worked in Engineering / Quality all my life and leaving sharp edges on metal that will be handled is just bad practice. That said overall I am very happy with my Fanatec products and would recommend, but do feel that the handbrake lever could and should be improved by removing the sharp edges.



  • I offset my handbrake with 1" spacers. Noticed the right side of my right hand was bleeding and it was from mashing against the sharp edge of the handbrake when shifting into 5 - 7. That fixed it for now - but I totally agree. Something with that sharp of an edge should never make it past qc. I know we can get a file and soften the edge - but really? Maybe for some cheap knock off - but not for a fanatec premium product. Just my 2 cents ... otherwise - great products!!

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