clubsport shifter V1.5 cannot calibrate new install. Odd number gears cause LED to flash

New install of V1.5 Shifter using the Clubsport V2.5 wheelbase and universal hub (xbox hub but using it in PC mode). Shifter is connected to the wheelbase via the factory RJ12.

When trying to calibrate I get all sorts of letters and numbers flashing on the LED screen as soon as I go to Reverse. The flashing continues when I try 1st , 3rd, or 5th. The even number gears seem to give a steady (and correct) number for each of them. Can't seem to get beyond this issue. Thanks for the help in advance.


  • I don't own the Fanatec shifter, but I will try to help anyway ^^

    1) How long do you use this shifter?

    2) Did you have any unusual shifer behaviour in the past?

    3) Does the gears get correctly recognized when you are using it directly to the PC?

    4) Are you using the newest driver for the Clubsport V2.5?

  • Thanks for the reply

    This shifter is new. I have never used it.

    I don't think I can connect it directly to the PC. It is currently only set up to connect to the club sport wheel base via rj12. I do not have the USB connector.

    I have installed the latest (381) driver.

    This is the initial setup of the wheelbase and shifter.

  • Is the shifter connected to the correct port to the base?

  • It is connected to the Shifter 1 port.

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