Fanatec DD2: Wheel works in menu, but not on the track

edited January 2021 in Project CARS

Happy new Year.

with my DD2 I have the same issue I already had on my CSW v2.5.

Every time the PC restarts and I want to play PCARS2 again, the steering doesn't work as soon as I am on the track again. It still works on the menu after the PC restart.

This issue doesn't appear when I only restart PCARS2 and not the PC.

I am in the CSW v2.5 compatibility mode and the wheel overall feels great once it is detected properly.

To solve the issue I always have to reset to default settings and calibrate my Pedals and wheel again in PCARS2.

I only have this issue with PCARS2, all other games detect the wheel properly and over many PC/Game restarts.

Do you know a way to prevent this issue from happening?




  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Could be a corrupted controller preferences file. Either delete it and create a new one or just keep the DD in normal mode and map it as a generic wheel in the settings so no need to run in Comp2.5.

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