Heusinkveld Pedals, Handbrake and Sequential Shifter Detected "Controller XBOX 360 for Windows"

I have a DD2 with Huesinkveld Sim Pedal Sprint, Handbrake and Sequential Shifter. For the longest time my equipment was detected as Huesinkveld. Not sure when it changed but now when I open Input in Dirt Rally 2.0, Project Cars 2, F1 2020 or ETS2, the Huesinkveld devices are all listed as Controller XBOX 360 for Windows.I have never owned an XBOX. Assetto Corsa Competizione still shows them as Heusinkveld devices. ETS2 also lists them as Controller XBOX 360 for Windows, so it's not limited to CodeMaster games.

Here's the weird part. If I disconnect a device, say the SS, it appears under Device History as Huesinkveld Sequential Shifter, same for Handbrake and Pedals, see attachment, once you connect the device, it disappears from device history and is listed under Current devices as Controller - XBOX 360 for Windows.

I've been testing with Dirt Rally and deleting hardware config files didn't help. Verifying files in Steam didn't help. Downgrading Fanalab and Driver package to 373 didn't help. I've searched the Internets and can't find anything.

Has anyone else seen this? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Connected Devices with Sequential Shifter disconnected 

Device History with Sequential Shifter Disconnected

Device History with all three devices disconnected


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    I was able to fix this by searching the registry for Controller (XBOX 360 for Windows) and deleting the keys and associated crap. The Huesinkveld keys still existed in the registry so they reappeared as the others were deleted.

    The only logical explanation I can think of is, I have a DD2, R300 Podium and Formula V2. The V2 is the only device I own that is XBOX compatible. Month ago I started designing a button box for ETS2, one day decided to use the Formula V2 to test the various button types and something got corrupt. That or a less likely scenario is when I had USBPCAP installed to monitor traffic to the DD2.

    Anyway, hope this helps someone.

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