Clubsport Formula v2 - ABS wheel rumble not working on PS4

edited January 2021 in F1 20xx

Hello all,

Wheel: Clubsport Formula v2, Wheelbase: CSL Elite +, Pedals: CSL Elite LC.

Platform: PS4, Game: F1 2020

My question is to do with the ABS wheel vibration on the Formula v2. For clarity, I am not talking about the Clubsport Pedals.

When starting the PS4, the wheel rumble works when I press the brake (to simulate ABS). As soon as I start F1 2020, it cuts out. Other force feedback seems to be working fine. There is a workaround which sporadically works for me (link, but why does it not work right away? Has anyone else experienced this?

I also have Xbox and the ABS vibration on the wheel works perfectly there on F1 2020. Settings wise, I do not drive with ABS, but do use traction control on medium setting for both Xbox and PS (other wheel settings etc are identical across both platforms), so why does it behave differently on each?

 Any thoughts/advice?

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