Delivery to UK

Anyone have any ideas how the delivery system works when buying from Fanatec to UK?

I have placed an order on 18/1 and Fanatec are saying despatched 20/1 and gave me UPS tracking number. When I check on UPS tracking it says on 20/1 shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet. Its been a week from despatch so who has got the package and when will UPS receive so I can get some idea as to when I will receive.

Sorry first order here so not sure how it works here but seems to be taking ages before it even gets to UPS


  • I placed an order on 23rd, got the tracking number Tuesday, and it started to move Wednesday and has left Hamburg. Estimated delivery is 2nd Feb, but I don’t expect it by then as there will be a hold up while it clears Customs and I pay the VAT etc.

  • Fingers crossed for you, hopefully runs smoothly.

    I wouldn't mind so much if day or so after I got the tracking number something was happening but still says the same when I check UPS

    20/1/21 @ 9.28am shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.

    Fanatec saying its definitely left them and I have to be patient. I understand brexit and covid etc just frustrating I'm seeing other people placing orders after me who are getting more info and some sort of movement.

  • Mine is still in Germany and the app advises that " the sender must provide a unique customs identification number so that the package can be cleared"

    However , before that, but at the same time stamp there is a message saying that it has been cleared. The website tracking says "clearance in progress"!

    Have emailed fanatec, and been holding to speak to UPS for 36 minutes, so far!

    I have the feeling that this is going to be a very painful exercise

  • Yeah I feel your pain but seems you are way ahead of me.

    I just can't work out why it says on UPS tracking that label printed and UPS haven't received yet but when I ask Fanatec they tell me its gone and with UPS. It's my first order with them and been incredibly painful.

    I know its not a lot for some people but trying to upgrade from logitech g920 and buying CSL Elite Wheelbase, WRC wheel with elite pedals and loadcell i was hoping for a slightly smoother transition. I get brexit and covid but just frustrating when I see others ordering after me and UPS have and giving shipping dates etc

  • Just an update on my issue. I had an email from Fanatec yesterday afternoon to advise me unfortunately when they went to pick my CSL Elite wheelbase + they didn't actually have the stock and none due till 19th February so my order won't be sent till then....... grateful for the honesty and them keeping me updated but gutted also as my first order with them and I was also looking in the very near future to purchase another wheel or 2 along with the shifter.

    I'm sure when arrives I will be more than happy with the goods and probably still buy from them again but has left a little bit of a bitter taste.

  • Some info which I hope helps Fanatec deal with the new nightmares of shipping to the UK.

    UPS originally said I'd receive my parcel last Friday. That then updated to Monday, then to today, then delivery time disappeared from parcel tracking.

    I received an email from UPS customs clearance yesterday asking me for:

    - Customs procedure/Reason for import

    - Commodity Code or Plain language goods description

    - Your EORI/VAT number

    - Approval to use your Deferment Approval Number (DAN), where appropriate

    - Any other information we must take into account when completing this Customs declaration on your behalf

    Thankfully I've had to deal with importing/exporting for international business so I provided the info, but still no response, still no delivery update. So, I called today. It seems that the issue is that there was 4 boxes and only one commercial invoice. I had to explain that all boxes were related to the same invoice. Once they verified this my packages are again scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

    Fanatec - I appreciate this new dynamic is creating nightmares for everyone. It would help the customer experience immensely if you put a copy of the same commercial invoice on each separate box, so it's obvious to the dullards processing packages that it's all the same consignment. The correct export code for your types of product is: 8471. Plain text description of goods is "accessories of a computer".

    In my line of work it is usually incumbent on the company sending the goods to confirm all of these details for customs. I'm not saying this with any disdain - just providing information which hopefully makes the shipping experience much more simple for both UPS, and your UK-based customers.


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