CSL Elite Wheel base rev lights freeze after lap 1 on ACC


I am new to the forum, hope you can help.

I bought a PC and when I play ACC the rev lights freeze on the CSL Elite wheel base when I complete a full lap, sometimes they freeze shortly before or shortly after I cross the start finish line in Monza (so around 2 minute mark). I have tried changing cars, tracks, rolling back the drivers from 400 to 381, reinstalling Fanalab, which didn't help.

I used to play on PS4 Pro and had no issues, also tried the wheel on my friend's PC at the beginning of the year and had no issues.

Hoping you can guide me how to fix, I had to the disable LED in fanalab otherwise the rev lights stay lit all the time until I restart ACC.



  • Looks like a conflict that 2 process control the lights and the one that really controls it crashes or something.

    Have you disabled the rev lights in ACC when running Fanalab?

    Rev lights work if you stopped Fanalab?

  • SOLVED: it was the Bitdefender Anitivirus causing Fanalab to stop working. When I turned of the real time protection, I no longer have the issue. Thanks

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