F1 Style Cockpit - Playseat F1 or RS Formula V2 with DD1


Last week I bought a Fanatec Podium F1 Wheel with a DD1 Wheel base for my PS4, believing I could mount it to a table and make it work. I realized very quickly that this was a misconception..

I mainly race F1 games, have a "real life" racing background and thus am looking for a proper F1 racing cockpit. I have done a lot of research and ended up with two manufacturers offering quality seats. Playseat offers two versions, one Standard and Premium. Apparently the Standard one does not withstand the power of a direct drive wheel and the Premium version is simply too expensive at +2k. Alternatively I have found rSeat, with their RS Forumula V2. Reviews are quite positive stating it can handle a direct drive wheel and has a quality built.

As information about F1 cockpits online is slim, I hope to find some help here. Does anyone have experience with the above mentioned seats? Anyone know a quality alternative?

I would appreciate any help and thank you in advance!

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