Realistic FFB settings for F1 cars on a Fanatec DD1 in Assetto Corsa?


I wondered if anyone can suggest me some realistic-feeling FFB settings for F1 cars in Assetto Corsa on a Fanatec DD1. Using the Fanatec suggested settings (in-game and on the wheel) does not feel very strong at all... weaker than I would expect anyway.

Appreciate if anyone can help! Cheers


  • These are mine but you have to remember that what's good for me may be horrible for you.

    Driver 381 stable.

    Sensitivity - Auto

    FFB - 53

    Lin -OFF

    NDP - 10

    NFR - 03

    NIN - 03

    INT - 08 - I find this to give a "Rubbery" feel. Even if I lose a bit of resolution. To low and the FFB is too finely resolved. Kerbs feel like Tyreless wheels over a cattle grid.

    FIE - 70 - Again this helps with the "Rubbery" feel.

    Force - 80

    Spring - Off

    Damper - 100 - This gives a tyre scrub feel when the car is parked. Makes the steering heavy.

    In Game Settings:

    Gain 75

    road effects 30

    Try it and then find a happy medium somewhere. I get no oscillation with this.

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