Podium Button Module Endurance Faulty?

Received my new DD1, and Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R today. However, when everything is all setup, firmware updated correctly on the base, hub and button module. Everything seems ok until I touch the wheel and the hub disconnects from the wheel base. Any slight pressure on the bottom of the wheel results in the hub turning off and back on, see the video below.

Any ideas?


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Did you verify the cable is completely inserted into the Hub? The steering wheel is pushed fully onto the DD shaft? Also verify the pins inside the hub are ok and screws tightened.

  • Yeah everything is very tight and aligned. I checked to see if any pins were damaged. The usb C connector is connected and fine. I've also tried it with the wheel rim off and connected it that way and it still does it. Even isolating the hub from the module and moving the hub seems to cause the drop out. The connection is properly seated into the DD1, but moving that shaft a tiny bit causes the module to drop out. So either it's the Hub or the connection to the hub from the DD1.

  • Psql .Psql . Member
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    Sounds like the wheel is not fully pushed on the Quick release and about just makes contact and when changing the angle it discounts. Between the black outer part of the quick release and the stainless ring on the back should only be 1mm or so of space visible. If it’s more it is not fully seated.

    Do you have a photo of the quick release to see if it’s mounted correctly and fully?

  • It is in as far in as I can push it. I assume you guys can't see the video in my OP.

  • For the record, I took the hub apart to reveal the connector only and then plugged that in directly into the DD1. Then connect the USB to the hub and It would still do the same thing. The problem isn't the seating of the connection as that was my first thought. It is a loose connection somewhere in the hub, or from what I can tell, actually in the DD1 connection side.

  • Here you see what's going on and the issues. I had to try and take it off and put it back on with one hand to show you, but it still won't go in any further than shown.

  • Psql .Psql . Member

    That looks correct, you have a little bit more space there If I compare it to my wheel but only a little bit more and I would say should not give any problems.

    if you remove the wheel from the base, the plastic part in side the hub of the wheel base that accepts the pins is not lose and pushed to far inside the hub?

  • I double checked to see if things were loose and even took everything apart on the wheel side and rebuilt it again, double checking everything from when I first put it together. Isolating each part and testing it and when I put a small amount of upward pressure on the steering column - even when only the hub and the module are connected, the module will still cut in and out as shown in the video.

  • Hi

    it’s not the usb connector that’s fine. See image. I’m at a complete loss as to what it is. I think it is either a faulty hub or a faulty connector on the DD1. I hope fanatec support are quick and decent as having spent a lot of money with them recently .

  • Stu WhissonStu Whisson Member
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  • The mounting screws on the hub?

  • Well oddly I loosened just a tiny bit the connector screws and the large screws on the hub. Just a tiny tiny bit to take the pressure off. It appears to have worked. The wheel show the logo then legacy then threedashes and itm in bottom right. All wiggling and moving like before doesn’t make the module reset. Going into fanalab it shows up as the module, the pedals and the DD1. Can I assume then that this is now fixed ?

  • Fabulous thank you. I will do that. I appreciate your help. I have no idea why it worked but I’m grateful that it did as it was driving me insane.

    thank you.

  • Shawn SanfordShawn Sanford Member
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    I am having the same issue, did all of the steps above, and am still having my PBM constantly reset, or completely disconnect. Anyone have any other tips?

    Edit: I also have the Podium Advanced Paddle Module installed. DD1 Wheel base with R300 wheel.

  • has anyone found a fix to this . apparently even fanatec doesn't know what the issue is. i sent my hub and endurace back twice and it still has the issue of cutting out. now its out for good it does not connect . i believe it's the hub but they keep replacing the endurace module. very frustrating.

  • Hello,
    I unfortunately broke the end of the usbc cable of my endurance module and I'm in trouble because I can no longer connect it.
    I've searched all over the net and I can't find this cable.
    We say from jst to usbc.
    Someone is where we can find him.
    I asked fanatec support but they want me to send the module back but I'm afraid it will cost me too much.
    If anyone knows where I can find it that would be great.
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