Can't order anything on fanatec website

Every time I try to go to order anything, I get to the page where it asks me what type of payment type I would like to use and asks me to accept the general terms and conditions, I click "complete payment" at the bottom of the page and then it goes to

Which for me is just a blank webpage with two {} brackets in the top left. So I am not able to buy anything


  • Same problem for me... no answer from fanatec !

    I ordered several times on fanatec shop... but these days, impossible !

  • I had same problem today. This is my first order to FANATEC.

    I tried to select "pre-payment(bank transfer)" as payment method, instead of VISA and PayPal.

    Then the page of "{}" didn't appear, and the web page said my order was placed.

    The order confirmation mail was delivered to my mail address.

    I submitted money transfer request from my UK bank account to FANTEC's account.

    (The detail of FANATEC account was described in the order confirmation mail.)

    So far no response from FANATEC, therefore I don't have 100% confidence.

    But succeeded to overcome the "{}" page.

    I hope it could help you .

  • Same here..

  • Same. Unable to order. I have tried creating a new account with a new email. I tried changing my DNS. Same Adyen error. I just ordered last week, so something happened in the last little bit. I messaged on Facebook and Twitter but nothing. If you can't process payments, that kind of seems like a big deal.

    Oops! An error has occurred!

    We have been informed about the problem and try to solve it. Please try again within a short time.

  • Same here. I was going to upgrade my entire setup tonight but now this has diminished any trust I had in Fanatec. If you cant even take my order why would I expect the quality of product to be up to standard? Time to start researching alternatives.

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    Answer from Facebook, may be a joke...

  • I was just about to place two orders (pre-order and regular order). Both seemed to have gone through and I received confirmation emails. Guess we're back! Happy ordering, all.

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