Podium dd1 with formula v2, paddle shifts don't register

Hi guys,

I just received my brand new podium dd1 bundle with formula v2 and advanced paddle module.

Issue I have is: up or down shifts do not register when wheel is in the 10 to 12 position in the fanatec software.

What I have tried: Installed the advanced paddle module, same issue for all paddles top and middle.

I have reinstalled the latest beta drivers for base, motor & formula v2, still same issue.

I have rolled back all the drivers to one version earlier, same issue.

I am out of ideas, and this is quite a bummer on my first purchase from fanatec, please tell me this is a known issue with an easy fix.

Any advise/ideas would be appreciated.


  • Check you've plugged the paddles into the board correctly. Can't imagine this is a software issue, sounds more like the cables are loose.

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