Ordered on 25th april, no extimated delivery/tracking number, still says order is in process.

i Ordered clubsport streering wheel formula V2, clubsport handbrake, clubsport wheel base v2.5, csl elite p1 wheel for xbx1 and csl elite pedals on 25th april, i have had no extimated delivery/tracking number, still says order is in process. at the time when i ordered it the clubsport wheel base was only avalible for preorder with a jun 4th avalibilty date, so i was wondering what fantec would do, they have now changed all the avalibility dates to jun 4th which ok ill have to wait but whats throwing me off is the 'order is in process' what does this mean? they havent seen my order? the website isnt working properly or something and the order hasnt gone through? are they just waiting until jun 4th to put the order together and ship it? i am very unsure as to wheter i need to contact them direct or if i just need to wait unitl june 4th (which will be very dificult)😂


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    This is normal and simply means the order is in a sort of holding pattern until the sales team compete the order which will the next change to “ order has been processed”. Usually they will wait until all your items are ready to ship unless you specify to ship available products.

  • At the very least, your wheel base is out of stock until June 3rd, so nothing will ship until it’s available. You can contact them to ship everything else, but unless you have another wheel base to use with everything else, their really isn’t much of a point to do that.

  • No of course not that was my thinking too, it was just the order is still in process part that threw me off a bit! thanks.

  • Yeah, no worries man. It’s a little weird how they do their orders and update the status of them. For example, I made an order 3 weeks ago, it’s already shipped and I received it, but the status of my order on their site is unchanged. I would just keep an eye out on the wheel base, at least for the US site so far they have been receiving some of the products a little earlier than the time given.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    The website is new and still a few bugs being worked out.

  • Ok will do thank you all .

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