Support ticket information

So recently I have had a multitude of issues with the websites and it’s raised a few thoughts of mine, first it would be nice to have any info on a support ticket when filling one out. I’ve had one open for 3 days now relating to a defective power supply on a brand new wheel base and it would be nice to know what it’s status is. If someone is looking into my issue, or if parts are on the way, any info would be helpful.

i have 4 working days to either get help from the company or loose my ability to return a product that I have never been able to use in the first place. For the price we pay for what boils down to a motor, couple sensors and a gear drive this lack of service is borderline unacceptable. Are the wheel bases just this much junk that everyone has a support ticket open? Sorry for throwing shade but when buying a premium product some service is expected.

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