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I bought a new DD1 steering wheel and as it turned out had a problem as it was not 100% functional...

I won't hide that I was upset and felt weird because it was a new product, but we all know that out there in the world, there are material failures and we can't avoid them sometimes, but we can fix them.

There have always been (material failures) and they will exist in all companies and in any product they produce.

I may have been unfortunate, but with the immediate response-help-guide of the company by email, it made me feel a sense of confidence but also to start building a climate of trust.

I am sorry that things did not initially go as harmoniously as I imagined, but I thank the FANATEC company that was really there for me immediately and on time when I needed it, supported me directly as a customer and I do not regret that I chose your company.

Ιt is unfair to see mostly user problems on forums, but no one takes a moment to write some positive reviews and especially those users who use FANATEC products without any problems for many years.

I really didn't want to bore you with so many words. I will come back in the future when I get back to my hands again the steering wheel base , to write my impressions.

Τhanks for your time ! ! !


  • Support isn't that bad at all, they are quite busy and they may be a bit slow on the first respond but other than that i didn't have anything to complain in the past also when i needed to return my CSW because of a bearing issue and a funky switch on the Formula V2 that didn't work 100% as it should. In both cases i was up and running within a week.

    However i have the idea that support within Europe is quite OK but for the rest of the world it's differs a bit.

  • Here is an another case,

    Purchased F1 wheel for 1700$ & Now it's bricked & still within warranty.

    I am based out of Singapore & Fanatec is not helping with repair & shipping. Shipping costs 600$ one way.

    Really enjoyed the wheel till now & now stranded.

    Hope they help me fix same.

  • Yeah new firmware bricks F1 wheels, no “immediate” response to anyone in the community. There’s been several threads about the F1 wheel bricking with the new drivers for weeks now and I’ve yet to see a response anywhere. I received mine last night and have been trying to figure it out all day; nothing works. Good thing they have a tech support number you can call and get “immediate” help! /s

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