Discounts do not work

Webshop shows dicounts if I add more products to basket but it do not give any discounts:

e.g. If I add PAPM it cost 179,95 not 120,10 (€59,85 discount).


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    Looks like you also need to add the R300 wheel to get the bundle discount so you end up with the Podium R300 wheel bundle for €499.

    Same for all the other combinations with for example the Endurance Module. You need to add all necessary parts so you will end up with the complete wheel for €649 which would be cheaper then buying all separate. UI could be better there…

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    Nope and there´s also other rims at " %-list ".

    btw, Does original shifter paddles from ClubSport Universal Hub work with Podium Hub?

  • Psql .Psql . Member

    You added the wrong steering wheel for the discount. You need to add the R300 wheel not the Porsche wheel. If you add the Porsche wheel you also need to add the Endurance Module and you can remove the Button Cluster pack.

    No the old shifters will not work out of the box because it uses the old bigger connector. The Podium hub doesn't have support for this connector. But if you are handy you could replace the connector on the shifters and then it can work.

  • Okay, thanks for info Pasqual 🙂

    Plan was make simple wheel just for rallying, ordinary shifter paddles with rally rim (I have few of those).

    I think I´ll continue with CS UHX, no problem with DD1.

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