Order Clarification Needed

I ordered a Podium Racing Wheel F1 and cancelled it since I learned that it was just the DD1. 2 days later still no change. can someone help me here


  • What do you mean with "its just the DD1!? Did you expected a DD or what?

    That clarification status is normal, it will change to order cancelled once the webshop team manually cancelled it. As its weekend it may take some more days.

  • I thought it was the DD2, the pic shows the carbon looking color same as the dd2

  • Nah, that's a feature of the Podium Racing Wheel F1 Bundle, it has carbon plates but with additional blue accents.

    But in the Webshop description everything is described very clearly that it's a DD1 with PS4 Security Chip so.. You didn't read or informed otherwise before spending 1800€?...

  • Got too excited. I was shopping at 2 am that time. I actually dont wanna cancel it. I just wanna know if they already did so I could place an order back again while it still in stock

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