Project Cars - Wheel Configuration - PLEASE HELP

Hello All

After a Microsoft update have been left without configurations on Project Cars for my wheel and pedals. I own the Podium DD1 which previously when I set up on Project Cars was done through Fanatec CSW V2, Separate Pedals. However, I have been trying for ages now and nothing I do gets the wheels configured.

All the buttons work, and can edit the assignments, the pedals calibrate, it is purely the wheel that refuses to calibrate. I turn 180 degrees and then 90 degrees and save but nothing is appearing on the screen when doing so and when running the game, wheel does nothing. Cannot edit the assignment for turn left or right with wheel turning. So I am completely lost!!

Have used other software titles like Assetta Corsa and the wheel works fine, just cannot seem to get the wheel to calibrate in Project Cars. Where am I going wrong?

Using the Podium DD1, Formula Wheel, Fanatec V3 Pedals and as I say, everything works except the steering element. PLEASE HELP!!


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