Cockpit recommendations?

I'm sure this has come up a hundred times, but a quick search didn't reveal anything. I've got a Clubsport V2.5 wheel and Cubsport V3 sport pedals with the performance kit on order, and was wondering what the feeling is in the community on the best bang-for-the-buck cockpit. My main priority is minimal flex of the pedal plate, and the wheel base mount. I'm not getting a shifter in initially. I'm planning to run triple 27" monitors. I've had the Rennsport V2 recommended, but the reviews are mixed, and it's pretty pricey.

Also, what are the thoughts on speakers? Are they a critical component, or will a fairly run-of-the-mill set be adequate? I used to see a lot of talk about the Butt Kicker set-up, but haven't seen as much written about it lately, so I'm wondering if it isn't more of a fad/gimmick.

Thanks in advance.


  • For me the top 3 are Rennsport, Sparco and the sim lab GT1 (that has a lot of accessories that you can add later) not on this particular order.

  • The buttkicker is a lot of cash for what it is. If I were you I would go for 2 - 28 euro/gbp sub amps (Nobsound) from Amazon, a roll of speaker wire and 2 to 4 Dayton Audio/Reckhorn Transducers and Parralel wire them (if need be). It will cost you around 100 to 200 Euro's/GBP's and feels sublime. I run mine on a Simlab GT1 Evo. 2 Dayton Pucks under the seat, 1 large Dayton Transducer on the back of the seat and a large Reckhorn Transducer under the pedal tray. Then using SIMHUB, dial them all in. The Buttkicker is probably good but you only get one Transducer and the amp is hefty. It's all designed for ease of use I guess. But with a little know how, you can DIY.

  • Ìf you have a Soundcard and have left the onboard sound vacant, you can use that to run the transducers (buttkicckers). Otherwise, you need to buy a cheap as chips soundcard and run the amp(s) from there.

  • I've looked at a couple myself and found the RSeat RS1 , 689.00 w/o seat , also the TrakRacer T8,RS6 and lastly the RennSport , the first two are of a small footprint and very sturdy for what i've read and seen on YT , although the price ranges between the 600 to 1000$ the shipping on them is not as high ,but for what i been told by a person on Fanatec they're shipping costs are way to high to send them to where i live

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