CSL DD pre-order Wave 1 begins, and new wheels are available! UPDATE Wave 2



  • My wife has a account with purchase history, has both newsletters active but still NO MAIL and no way to preorder.. So second wave has a somewhat december shipping time?! Im pretty fkd up right now.

  • Why I didn't get an email with the preorder link as an old customer? :(

    All preconditions are fullfilled for my account.

  • No email received, not even in spam folder, spent the whole day yesterday 'F5ing' fanatec's website, the csl dd showed up, no way i couldn't add it to the cart no matter what accesory you selected (none, boost kit or table clamb or even both). Then it just disappeared, few minutes later website went down, it came back again, and go to first step. Repeat until 2am.

    Until today, that now it's just not listed the csl dd on the EU website.

    I'm logged in and met all the checks for the first wave.

  • Oh Fanatec, you cannot do this to me and my wallet :(

    I am so hyped for the new stuff you are putting out, I was never sure about getting a Formula Rim, not a big Alcantara fan, but with the leather grips and magnetic shifter paddles as standard, I absolutely have to get this one someday! Also hyped about the universal hub with original magnetic pedals and non branded (non xbox) Fanatec Version :)

  • Ich hab von Anfang an den Newsletter fürs CSL DD aktiviert und bis zur Ankündigung, das es bald losgeht am 02.06.21 Nachrichten dazu bekommen. Ich bin Kunde seit 2009, CSL DD Newsletter bezieher und habe einen Account aber keine Mail zur Preorder bekommen und finde die im Shop auch nicht. Zudem funktioniert der Konfigurator nicht. Habs am PC und am Android Tablet versucht.

    Help please..

    cheers Thomas

  • Please use an English translator so you can be better helped.

  • Anybody knows when will begin second wave?

    I'm looking forward for it!

  • I hope I am in second wave. I did see the DD csl when I logged in about an hour ago, but it was not clickable. Then it vanished. It did say delivery would be September.

    Sadly I am checking ever 10 mins. I need to know my suffering of a g920 will come to an end.

  • As it appeared for me, it was 15. Sep but i dont know if its correct because im not in the first Wave.

  • Hi, are the Formula V2.5 Wheel the same diameter of the formula v2 (270mm)?

  • Believe it’s around September for shipping out.

  • Am I the only one who from time to time can see the csl DD but when I click on it the link does not work.

    I feels like fanatec are just teasing me.

  • Add another to the list who's a very long term customer, less than a year ago spent $1500 on a v2.5 setup and gets the newsletter email from them constantly. See nothing on the site, etc. just like others.

    I guess the question is when is round 2? Hopefully we'll get notice so we won't miss that too.

  • The problem is: it doesn't matter if you get the newsletter. It does matter if the newsletter thing is checked on your account before the DD gets to the shop.

    Saw many people complaining about getting newsletter but the mark isn't checked in their customer account. Strange, but it's like that.

    I've had known that my life ends when I'm not the first getting the CSL DD, so I've checked everything a day before and could buy the wheel on first day.

    Took me two minutes to check this point.

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    Hello Thomas & Fanatec Team,

    I am looking to upgrade to a full Fanatec set for Xbox with the release of the new CSL DD. As I understand the Xbox chip is in the Wheel. I was looking for a Formula wheel. But the V2 don’t seem to be compatible with the CSL DD (in the datasheet at least). And furthermore, the wheel is also 20€ costly than the V2.5 (whiteout the CS Paddle module 100€ on your website). Strange for an outdated wheel.

    Will a Formula V2.5 wheel with Xbox compatibility be available soon? Or maybe a free upgrade to the CS Paddle module for buying formula V2 wheel.

    Thank you.

  • Every Fanatec wheel is compatible with every base. So the Formula v2 is also compatible with the new CSL DD.

  • The Formula V2 is compatible with all 3 platforms, where as the Formula V2.5 is only PC and PS, no Xbox security chip, thus less expensive. Other than the shifters they both are identical so not an outdated wheel. Also, seems the shifters are starting to come on just about everything, so it’s now basically considered a standard part on that line not really an upgrade.

  • Thanks for your feedback Maurice & Joshua.

    As I undestand the CS Formula V2 still a good wheel. Just hope now Fanatec will make a bundle with the CS Paddle module ;)

  • I have a purchase history and have been signed up for the newsletter yet no email, I'm pretty irritated....wave 2 won't get theirs until December!? Ugh

  • I'm pretty sure I fill all the requirements, but I haven't received any links.

    I've recently purchased some of your products, and I receive the newsletter.

    Could you have a look please? I've e-mailed you as well.

  • Fred HFred H Member

    "Subscribe to our free Newsletter and don’t miss any special offer!"......uh yeah so lets see I missed the Clubsport F1 2021 wheel didn't even know it existed before it sold out and I missed the first wave of preorders for the CSL-DD even though I have purchase history and I'm subscribed to and have the receive newsletter checked in my account. I'm Even subscribed through the newstandardd.next website. Good job Fanatec! I guess it gives me more time to see some actual reviews from real people not just YouTube "Influencers" or save up some more and to consider different options from other manufactures though so not all bad missing out. 🙄

  • I have no idea what you're saying - if you're implying that many of us didn't have ALL criteria met and that's why we didn't see the option please think again as that was NOT the case for me nor for many others it seems. That said I have no idea if you got a wheel, wanted a wheel, are bragging you got one, that you would have died without that, making fun of others for being excited or much of anything else. I assume English isn't your first language and that's the problem as it's certain better than I speak any other language (dumb 'murican here).


  • do not need the link. if you meet the requirements, just log in to your account and go to the CSL DD page. it will probably already be available (pre sale for September) for you to buy

  • Sadly not the case for many here.

    I do meet all criteria (my last order was in 2017, maybe that's "too old") and didn't receive anything nor did I see the DD in the shop. But I received a mail one hour ago, "CSL DD - Make sure you have an account" , which also states that the 2nd wave will start soon. So, the system knows me but I couldn't get anything in wave 1. Maybe 800€ in 2017 wasn't enough to buy me in 😋

  • Magically, the CSL DD showed up on the wheel bases site a few minutes after my post, but it's not possible to add it to the basket (see https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/comment/66667/#Comment_66667 // same problem) and it will only stay there for a few minutes, then it will change back to "product not available" for longer.

  • Adam KovacsAdam Kovacs Member
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    Just writing hoping it "magically" shows up for me too, I'm in the same boat, I should be in the first wave, but today I got a mail about the second wave. In my case I subscribed to the newsletter a little late, on June 3rd. I thought I was subscribed earlier, but apparently I wasn't. But wave 1 began on June 4th so it should still be fine I assume. Last order was in 2019.

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