Project Cars 3 - DD2 Not recognized

Not sure if anyone can help in this forum, but my wheel is not recognized in the game, in menus or anywhere. If I switch to CSW 2.5 mode, it recognizes the wheel to a certain degree, but buttons are messed up, and it doesn't recognize the wheel in game.

Any ideas other than not playing this game?


  • I just bought PCAR3 on steam and my DD2 is also not recognized. was there a solution??

  • I have got the "Gran Turismo DD Pro" and this is also not working properly with PCAR3 on PC.

  • I got the GT DD Pro in meantime working properly with PCAR3 on PC. I had to switch to PC comp mode and also load another fanatec wheel specific default preset in the game (next to the calibrate option).

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