FFB not working after switching CSW 2.5 to DD1for AC or ACC

I recently received my DD1 base and switched it out with my CSW 2.5 for my PC rig and put the CSW 2.5 on my XBox rig. I had good FFB on my PC rig with with both AC and ACC with the CSW 2.5 and I have good FFB using it for Forza 7 on my XBox rig. My DD1 has only the wheel resistance and nothing else, no curbs or wall impacts, on my PC rig with both games. I have updated the firmware, reinstalled ACC, tried all of the settings suggestions for DD1 and in game settings. I got nothing. I even tried using my saved CSW 2.5 profile on ACC. I tried the CS Formula wheel and BMW wheel instead of the Formula V2. Any suggestions?

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