Violent wheel shaking in F1 2021

I updated my firmware, drivers, etc. Now the wheel is extremely tight and am unable to turn in F1 2020 and in F1 2021 the wheel shakes to the point it could seriously break a finger if I got it caught in it. So now I can't play either game. Anyone know if it's the game or Fanatec products?

CSL Elite Wheel Base with a Formula V2 wheel


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    Based on that you updated your firmware, there is a big chance that the settings have been resetted in the base.

    So change back your settings of your wheel base to what you used before the firmware upgrade? Maybe your FFB setting is now to high.

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    I am using DD2 with series x. i found that setting the sensitivity to max of 2520 aligns the steering wheel with my DD2 . It must be a bug, however this fixes the steering problems for now. I used the recommended wheel settings from fanatec for f1 2019. This seems to work very well for now. no more wheel shaking .

  • 21 pages of reported bugs for F1 2021 on codemasters! Confirmed wheel rotation angle bug.

  • What platform do seems to be the most buggy? Asking because I’m running F1 2021 on PS4 Pro, with CSL Elite WB+, Formula Esports wheel, pedals with loadcell yada yada. Yesterday I played for hours, full practice, qualifying, race. Then more just messing around with visual settings and adjusting FFB settings then testing by hitting curbs and gravel, testing traction limits. Everything seemed and felt spot on. I am no expert by any means, but I had zero glitches or clipping, or violent shakes. Full disclosure, because of all the known issues with current/latest firmwares, I am still running Driver 381 with Firmware 680 and whatever may have been in that for the motor and what not.

  • Did this issue ever get resolved? It's been over 10 months and I'm getting the same issue

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