Forum upgrade, when?

At March 2021 Dominic wrote:

"The Fanatec Forum is due to receive a major upgrade (#soon), which should make this place much easier to use and attract even more forum members."

What timeline is "soon"?


  • Fanatec "soon" = not soon.

    Similarly, "Q2" means some time towards the end of the year, and in the "next full, properly tested firmware release" means never.

  • Fanatec's "soon" or "released in quarter X" is worth nothing as long as they don''t mention a year within the same sentence (and even then it's doubtful). They could also say "somewhere between now and Christmas" were we all think it's coming Christmas but Fanatec means 2024 ;)

  • Okay then, if that is their normal behaviour.

    Not so good is that almost never no one from Fanatec answer for this kind of questions, this suck a big one 😕

  • Still nothing, same shitty forum software here.

    However I changed many sim parts away from Fanatec because of quality reasons (handbrake is joke vs Heusonkveld V2, no podium pedals so bought Simgrade R7) next one going to be H-shifter which is lottery by Fanatec, never know do you get 1/2 or 2/4 gear and support have no idea what cause that. Tape fix, yes, not permanent fix.

    DD1 (with PS support) is pretty decent with few wheels so that is last part to upgrade --> Simucube.

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