Order not showing on Fanatec Account, Paid via Paypal

Hi, have just ordered my dream Fanatec set up with CSW2.5, CS V2 Wheel and CSL pedals, payment processed by Paypal and money was already taken but it's not in my Fanatec Account Orders.

Any help regarding processes and proceedings please?


  • Hey Lemmuel, I can't help much with this issue as my order for the same CSW2.5 and McLaren GT3 V2 paid for through PayPal went through instantly and appeared in my orders within a minute. But in relation to the message you sent me inquiring about buying my CSW, I have sent you a reply message if you should decide to cancel the CSW from Fanatec and save some $$$ and buy mine? Cheers Andy

  • All good, Fanatec has actioned and rectified. Thanks.

  • No worries, enjoy you new gear.

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