Frustrated with Fanatec Customer support

My DD opened a RMA, because the Virus situation I can’t ship it to America . So I ask Fanatec CS may I ship it to China Office for Repair. And after he discussed with China Staff , he said Ok I can send to there , provide a address and Receiver name to me, just need me to paid the 2way shipping , I said fine it’s ok. Then I ship to China .

But now My DD stuck at China customs waiting receiver to declare since 26April , I provided tracking information to Fanatec, but they didn’t do anything. Just sit there waiting for nothing. And “honestly”told me they actually didn’t have. deal with China customs for RMA ,that’s why my DD stuck there .

Normally I’ll put this letters email to CS for help, but because I didn’t get any help there, so I try here see someone or something different by luck.

Sorry for my bad English.


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