Brand New Shifter not detecting H-pattern

Hey guys, I finally was to finish my rig this afternoon. I was so excited to get started. Got everything calibrated, did some tuning in AC and was having a great time. I noticed that when I launched the Fanatec Control Panel that pretty much all my hardware needed a firmware update. I proceeded.

After everything was finished I jumped right back into AC but this time the H-pattern wasn't working. I switched to the sequential shifter and everything seemed to be working fine. I jumped back into the Fanatec Control Panel and everything was detecting besides the H-pattern.

I deleted the Fanatec drivers, Fanalab and Fanatec Control Panel and started over with everything. Same, thing as before, everything was being detected besides the H-pattern. I've tried to calibrate the shifter but no luck.

Is anything else I could try? I might of gotten about 25 mins in the shifter in H-pattern before I updated the firmware.

I'm running:

PC Driver v415


Wheel BaseFirmware v1.0.3.2

Wheel Base Motor Firmware v1.0.1.3

Podumiu Hub - Firmware v6

Wireless Quick Release - Firmware v6.0.0.1

CS Pedals v3 - Firmware v1.32

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to give this a shot before contacting support. Thanks


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