Any racing league that you can recommend? Just got the CSL DD and am on ACC on PC.

David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
edited October 2021 in Assetto Corsa

I am only registered on SimGrid so far. But not tried any racing yet.

Have not tried the multiplayer within the game too as I am still learning tracks. Doing pit stops and maybe getting on the career mode soon, as that will get you through the motions.

Would be good if you have just recently just received your CSL DD too! Some familiar names did pop up in our "wait" for the base!

Good luck everyone and pray none of you are hit by the update bug or some teething problems with the base. Did the initial update and it was all good.

Now on to track familiarisation. Need more tracks to learn for me before I get on multiplayer, where ever that may be. (Nurburgring, Silverstone, Barcelona, Spa-Francorchamps & maybe Misano/Zolder?) Thoughts?



  • Count me in. I'm in the same boat as you. I just received my CSL DD a few days ago and am new to AC, so would definitely like to practice a bit more before doing multiplayer.

  • simgrid looks really good right now. quite active. my only worry with the game's multiplayer is you might have dive bombers or wrecked ralph. unless yoy join those with high 50s safety rating races.

  • Apex Online Racing.

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