1st time here..few problems with Fanalab, unknown software and WRC Wheel + QR.

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I just received my CSL DD + WRC + Mclaren GT3 V2 + Shifter + Handbrake + 2x QR

First time I have ever owned a Fanatec product and not exactly sure what I am doing and how to fix my problem.

I received everything, plugged it in to my PC (Win10), installed latest driver package along with Fanalab and only my DD base and wheel are recognized, nothing else seems to be popping up. I am in compatibility mode and even though my games work fine (F1 2021, ACC, AC, WRC), those products dont seem to pop up in Fanalab. Not sure if I am missing anything that I haven't installed.

Also I keep seeing a different software being used by many people with not a mention of a name or wheter its a beta version/older version of Fanalab, however, people are updating and configuring their Fanatec products on it...

And in regards to FFB.. I have never owned a DD or Belt driven wheel before, only gear, and I am not sure if my FBB settings in WRC are too intense or if its normal but god damn I almost broke my finger a few times crashing in to a wall..using default settings.

Another thing I noticed today was my WRC wheel would make a slight squeaking sound. I am useing the QR screw, which helped my GT3 wheel 100% but after using my WRC wheel after 10 min, I started to hear a slight squeak.

Any advice and help on Fanatec gear/software would be much appreciated !


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