Upgrade from CSL Elite wheel base to CSL DD... how are drivers handled?

When upgrading from CSL Elite wheel base to CSL DD, how are drivers handled?

I have the CSL Elite pedals with loadcell kit directly attached to the PC via USB cable.

Should I try uninstalling the Elite wheel base or any drivers before installing the CSL DD?


  • I don't know if it's officially recommended or not, but any time I install newer drivers, I always uninstall my existing ones first.

  • +1 on this. Wheelbase disconnected, uninstall old driver, restart PC, install new driver, restart PC, connect wheelbase and update firmware, turn off wheelbase(leave connected to PC), restart PC, turn on wheelbase, do a functions test and calibration as needed. This is my step by step every time.

  • That's a bit overkill though... ;)

    No need for a pc restart after Firmware Flash.

    And usually it's recommended to have the base powered ON when uninstalling the old driver and installing the new driver. Only this way it's ensured that the USB device driver gets properly installed. With the base powered off during driver install and only powering it on after install sometimes it can happen that the device driver wasnt properly installed which leads to weird issues.

  • hmm, I did the uninstall & install (switched from CSW2.5 to CSL DD) with the base disconnected. Maybe that explains why SQ 1.5 shifter's H-pattern mode isn't being recognized and when in H-pattern mode all wheels stay in Calibration mode which I then cannot complete.

    Guess I'll have to give it another go.

    • slightly off-topic -

    (some forum searches gave the suggestion to have to take the base from the stand/rig and do the calibration -for some with the short cable- with the base between your legs and it works until you do a firmware update).

    Also in one game, all of a sudden it said a VJoy device was connected without me doing anything and I have no VJoy devices afaik.

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